Are you concerned that the Electoral College could be replaced?

Anti-Trump Protestors Continue To Demonstrate Across The Country

Anti-Trump Protestors Continue To Demonstrate Across The Country

This picture was taken about a week after the 2016 election in Philly - Getty Images North America

This week Nevada became the latest State to make a promise to award it's Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote. If Governor Sisolak signs it, the Silver State will become the 15th to join a pact making this promise.

It goes something like this. Once a critical mass of 270 electoral college votes (the number needed to elect a President) is reached, each of these States will enact the law they have passed.

But it wouldn't end there. Apart from the obvious legal challenges, the measure would also have to get through Congress.

Right now this movement adds up to around 195 Electoral College votes and so far in 2019 Colorado, New Mexico and Delaware have passed laws joining the pact.

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