2020 Dems slam McDonald’s over pay - what will be the result?

Assorted 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates joined demonstrations against McDonalds in the 'fight for 15' campaign to increase workers' wages to $15 an hour.

"My friends, we heard it from Republicans, we heard it from too many Democrats too: They said it would never happen," said New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio i n Des Moines, who said he and his campaign staff would not eat McDonald's until the company raises the minimum wage at restaurants to $15 per hour. "But we in New York had a different idea. And when I heard people say it couldn't happen, I had a different idea. I said, 'Lets prove it.' "

Then there was Bernie Sanders: "If elected president, trust me, every worker in this country will make at least $15 an hour and people will have the right to join unions," he said in a video conference forum. No mention of that pesky Congress that he's have to get to pass such legislation.

McDonalds issued a statement: "McDonald’s Corporation does not control the wages franchisees pay in their own restaurants. The average starting wage at corporate-owned restaurants exceeds $10 per hour, and we believe the average starting wage offered by those independent business owners is likely similar. Separately, McDonald’s recognizes the rights under the law of individual employees to choose to join – or choose not to join – labor organizations.”

So if this campaign is successful, what do you think would happen?

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