Will you be getting one of Iowa's new blackout plates for your vehicle?

Iowa's Blackout Plates

Iowa's Blackout Plates

They've gone from nowhere to the fourth most popular plate in the State of Iowa currently sitting behind the Hawkeyes, Cyclones and the Goldfinch!

You can go and swap out your standard plate right now according to Iowa DOT Director, Mark Lowe. If you don't want a personalized version, then you have to go to your County Treasurer's Office. If you want a personalized version, then you can do it on line or by mail.

So why are these so popular? I think it's because the new standard Iowa plate is ugly. I think I will be swapping mine out, but as "GoNoles" has already gone, I think I'll just wait until renewal time.

How about you? Will you be making the blackout move?

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