MASK WARS! Cedar Rapids issues mandate - will Iowa's AG hit back?



Cedar Rapids became the latest Iowa city to issue a mask mandate yesterday.

Mayor Brad Hart issued a proclamation yesterday which is different from Des Moines, Ames and Iowa City as it contains a punishment. If you are caught without a mask, it could end up as a misdemeanor on your record.

In part the proclamation said:

"...I require and order that all persons in the City of Cedar Rapids shall wear a face covering such as a cloth mask, surgical mask, plastic shield or similar covering that covers their nose and mouth when in a public place in all of the following circumstances unless as excepted in subsection (c) below: (a)

  • 1) When outside one’s residence or dwelling place and unable to stay at least six (6) feet away from other persons;
  • 2) When inside any indoor public settings or place of public accommodations as defined in the Cedar Rapids Municipal Code, including Chapter 69, and also including without limitation all retail stores, restaurants, bars, taverns and other accommodations;
  • 3) When in any other public settings that are not one’s residence or dwelling place with persons who do not live in the same residence or dwelling place; 4) When using public transportation or private car service (including taxis, ride share, or carpooling)."

It goes on to threaten the citizens of Cedar Rapids with what will happen to them if they don't obey him.

"I believe that most of the citizens of our city will abide by the terms of this Proclamation. I also believe that the members of the Cedar Rapids Police Department or any other officer who may be charged with the enforcement of the Proclamation will use education and information to bring about compliance. But, as a last resort, any violation of this proclamation, or of any emergency proclamation issued pursuant to the determination of a state of emergency, or of any order or rule issued pursuant to this or any supplemental proclamation, or of any order issued by a peace officer pursuant to this or any supplemental proclamation, or of any directive issued by designated emergency services personnel pursuant to this or any supplemental proclamation shall constitute a misdemeanor or municipal infraction and may be punished as provided by the Cedar Rapids Municipal Code."

Hmm - Maybe I'll have to sue Cedar Rapids again!

Iowa's Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller issued a ruling saying local actions or regulations in regards to the response to COVID must be consistent and compliant with Governor Kim Reynolds’ proclamations and Iowa Department of Public Health directives. Clearly this is not.

Will Iowa's AG act?

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