Will GOP help pass latest left wing boondoggle because of earmarks?

President Biden has now unveiled his latest $2.3 Trillion spending plans to improve the infrastructure of the United States.

There's a problem however. Only $650 Billion is actually for roads and bridges with the rest including a big ole $80 Billion check to Amtrak, retrofitting hospitals, homes and other buildings in an "environmentally friendly" way, expanding Medicaid ($400 Billion) and then we will use yet more Billions to permanently cap some oil and gas wells.

Having said all of that, let's talk about earmarks. Earmarks are making a return after the GOP House members recently voted in favor in a private ballot. This means that if they can get their own pet "earmarky" projects into the Bill, it will be difficult for them to vote against it - right?

So do you think the GOP help pass this latest left wing boondoggle because of earmarks?

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