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Do you think Ron DeSantis can pull off a shock result in Iowa?

Ron DeSantis Holds His 99th Campaign Rally In Iowa

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Well I guess it depends on what the definition of "shock" is.

Right now the Florida Governor is in second place, but only polling at 17%. If he received 35% of the vote for a solid second, is that a shock? I think it would be.

Now of course he has picked up two significant endorsements.

I don't think that Governor Reynolds' endorsement gets him too many votes, but he does get her election machine which is very well practiced in the State and that is very important.

Bob Vander Plaats endorsement has the opposite effect. For reasons I admit that I fail to understand, when he says he endorses a candidate, a lot of people go with that, but you don't get much else.

Nikki Haley has Americans For Prosperity's endorsement and that gives her incredible organization and an army of door knockers and phone bankers. Don't underestimate that either.

What do you think? Will Ron DeSantis pull off a shock result in Iowa?

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