Hour Two: More from the Garage and Equipment Sales Numbers

Hour One: Big Show Garage Day with Custom Rooftops of Iowa

Bob is in the Big Show Garage today with the folks from Custom Rooftops of Iowa. Their Owner and Chief Estimator Rick Meyer joins Bob throughout the show talking about his background in agriculture growing up, how he got into roofing. He also talks about the products they offer to fit your needs and the warrantees on the product. Bryan Doherty from Total Farm Marketing is today's analyst and talks about our slow day for grain trade with harvest going on across agriculture.

Hour Two: The Grass Market and an Early Look at the Harvest in Southwest Iowa

Dale Lesline from the Dyersville Hay Auction talks with us about capitalizing on the grass market to begin the hour. Chris Gaesser calls us from the combine in Southwest Iowa with an early look at harvest. Angie Rieck-Hinz in North Central Iowa with Iowa State University Extension tells us how corps and yields look as they come out of the field. We end with Don Roose from US Commodities looking at markets as we are down across all ag markets.

Hour One: This Week's Drought Monitor and Market Analysis

The Drought Mitigation Center released a new drought monitor this morning with Northeast Iowa now seeing dome D4 Exceptional Drought. We begin the show with DeKalb/Asgrow Agronomist Nicole Stecklein in that corner of the state talks about the dryness, planning for 2024, and the beginning of harvest activity. Syngenta Agronomy Service Manager Jami Loecker discusses reports of dicamba-resistant water hemp and looking ahead to weed control next season. We hear from Don Roose from US Commodities for market analysis with a look at where he thinks the lows will be for new crop corn and soybeans.

Hour Two: Celebrating Harvest Season and Looking at Rainfall

We're continuing the kickoff of Beck's Feed The Farmer program. David is joined by Beck's seed advisor Frank Rydl at the start of the hour with a word on showing appreciation for farmers and an update on field conditions. Another Beck's seed advisor Chance Cook talks about the look ahead to 2024. We wrap up from Plainfield, IA with Rachel Hyde and Randy Timm from Beck's Hybrids talk about their deliveries of meals this morning. We also take a look at weather after parts of Central Iowa exceeded 3" of rainfall yesterday with local areas near 5"! Brian Hoops with Midwest Market Solutions is our market analyst and says that he's hoping to see enough rain to help with river levels and shipping and once yield numbers come in, it will really determine what direction prices go. It's also Wyffels Wednesday as Bob catches up with Randy Harding about harvest activity and planning for next year.

Hour One: Feed The Farmer Day with Beck's

David is in Plainfield, IA at the farm of Pat Lentz feeding farmers with Beck's Hybrids! We start the show with Pat who talks about his growing season in Northeast Iowa and preparing to get the combine rolling. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig talks about the harvest season, staying safe on the farm, and showing appreciating farmers. Beck's Seed Advisor Brandon Parrish talks about packing meals for farmers and tells us about what he's hearing from customers as harvest gets underway and evaluating to make decisions in 2024. Midwest Market Solutions' Brian Hoops is our market analyst today and he says the market is being influenced today by potential harvest delays caused by rain across the Midwest yesterday and later this week. We head back to Plainfield at the end of the hour and talk with Lee Koenigsfeld, an agronomist from Beck's, and discuss scheduling harvest to maximize success

Hour Two: Word from Washington and Power Line Safety

We start the hour with an update from Spencer Chase with Agri-Pulse in Washington D.C. on the latest news legislatively impacting agriculture including progress on a farm bill and how talks of a government shutdown could slow it down. Alliant Energy Lead Safety Consultant Kent Sodawasser informs us on some of the best practices for staying safe around power lines and equipment around the countryside. Garrett Toay from AgTraderTalk ends today's show with an update on markets and he says he expects soybeans to bounce more than corn coming up.

Hour One: Talking Rainfall Across Iowa Today!

Iowa State University Extension Field Agronomist Meaghan Anderson gives a rainfall update from Central Iowa and tells us what she is noticing for harvest activity and yields. AgTraderTalk's Garrett Toay is our market analyst today and tells us what ongoing harvest activity is doing to the grain markets plus the upcoming planting season for South America. To end the hour, we take a look at some rainfall reports from the Pioneer Seeds Textline.

Hour Two: Corn Test Weights and All-Systems Permits

Charlie Hurburgh, the professor in charge of the Grain Quality Laboratory at Iowa State University, tells us about what he is seeing so far for test weights on crop coming out of the field and how kernel size is affecting data. Alex Jansen from Iowa DOT breaks down the ins and outs of the All-Systems Permit allowing year-round hauling of heavier loads across much of the state of Iowa. Jamey Kohake with Paragon Investments walks us through today's markets with corn lower and soybeans down even more sharply.

Hour One: Red Crown Rot, Markets and Millet in NE Iowa

We are joined by Pioneer Seed field agronomist Sarah Wood providing some information on red crown rot in soybeans and what has been causing it to creep toward the Midwest. Jamey Kohake from Paragon Investments has a look at markets for us today with grain and livestock all lower today. Lance Lillibridge from the Iowa Corn Growers Association calls us with an update on what he's hearing from growers around his area in Benton County and about the production of millet in the area. Tim Meyer previews the upcoming Steffes Group calendar and celebrates some rain over the weekend in Southeast Iowa.